Our rule is to be the exception.

Our Farm To Table Freshness

 Locally Sourced

Our farms are an average of 26 miles from our plant* (instead of hundreds), making our product better and fresher from the start. But there’s more to being closer to the farm: We know, respect and better understand our cows, and what it takes for them to be healthiest, happiest, and produce the best tasting milk. And that’s why none of our cows, and those of other local dairy families we work with are ever treated with the growth hormone rBST. (*Milk supply information as of April 2016)

Naturally Produced

Nourishing lives starts at our farms

Ours cows are fed a special blend of feed we grow, managed by nutritionists for optimal health and milk taste, with nothing unnatural like artificial growth hormones

They sleep in free stall beds made twice a day for greatest comfort and cleanliness

The environment is temperature controlled with fans and misters to keep them comfortable during the hot summer months

Comfort paths to and from the milking parlor make it less stressful

Activity necklaces let us know how every cow is feeling to prevent health issues

On-site hospital to get them feeling better, double tested free of any antibiotics before returning to milking

Care rated Excellent by Validus, the industry’s leading independent certification for Animal Welfare

Bottled Cold

Chilled Immediately From Milking

Arrives At The Plant Cold

Less Than An Hour From The Farm

Bottled Fresh

Delivered Fresh

Less Than 24 Hours

Delivered On Our Trucks

To Your Store

Fresh To Your Table