Nourishing Lives Since 1932

We’ve been around since 1932 and now the second and third generations of the Shehadey family are leading our company—a rich story that makes us proud.  But what does that mean to you today?  Count on wisdom from lessons learned and timeless values that play a part in every drop of product we produce and every business deal we make.


Milestones in Our History


Producers Dairy was incorporated with only 25 team members. By 1949 Larry Shehadey purchased a major interest in the company. In 1951, Larry Shehadey became General Manager and Producers Dairy became the first dairy to have a 100% refrigerated dairy fleet.


Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy, played by the late William Boyd, became the spokesman for the dairy. “Hoppy’s Favorite” milk grew into a household phrase in the greater Fresno area.


In 1959, Mr. Shehadey built an ultra-modern milking parlor which allowed expansion of our herd and gave more control over the freshness and quality of our milk. It was built with an air-conditioned viewing room for school children and the local community to watch this modern milking process.

Reach for the Top

Nourishing youths in our education system, Producers presented Reach For The Top, where the valley’s outstanding high school students competed each week for recognition and prizes for their respective schools that Al Radka hosted.

Daryle Lamonica

Former Oakland Raider Quarterback Daryle Lamonica became a spokesperson for the company and said: “I’ve been drinking Producer’s milk for years. In fact, I grew up on it.”


In 1998, Producers moved their business office into a newly constructed building. In 2005, Bar 20 Dairy Farms opened one of the most advanced dairy farms in the world and it was featured on Modern Marvels episode “MILK”.

Producers Jingle

This fun catchy jingle became well known amongst our consumers in the 60s and is still known today.



Continuing to reinvest in our operations annually in order to fulfill our purpose of nourishing more lives.